Learning by Doing

The following issue :

Day 1. Learn the basic and understanding of shoes as well as kinds of basic shoes.

Learn to make a shoe pattern : taping copy of last, mean form, point of fitting, make a basic pattern, and cut pattern, basically sketch out on shoe last and how to use the cutter

Day 2. draw a pattern on the material. of course we have determined the model of the shoe. for example pump, derby, oxford, monk, sneaker, slipper, boot etc. choose one

Day 3 material set and upper sewing. Learn how to use a high speed sewing machine. Along with the method

Day 4 lastsing. That is, pull the upper and lower pairs of the insole, relax in the back skin, use glue and pull or lasting.

Day 5 paste outsol. How to paste glue master and paste according to soup.

Day 6 finishing.outlast and clean2 or polish evaluation and calculation

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