Shoe Course in Indonesia

This shoe course is followed by Ms. Marta from Spain's Catalunya Bercelona, she learned from making patterns, understanding shoe lasts, shoe fitting, how to measure shoe lasts, how to measure feet, mean form, pattern breaking patterns.

I taught him to use English, starting with how to sew, how to use a sewing machine, how to change needles, how to roll a thread, how to assemble, sketch, upper or surface sewing. The latter learned how to prepare and cut insole both plain and full cover, as well as how to attach front and back feel and how to pull the upper and how to prepare outsole either rubber or TPR with the understanding of glue and primers for rubber, tpr and eva / pvc. Finally, he from zero to hero from not being able to at all to being able to independently make shoes according to the learning target. Hopefully the shoes of Indonesia will become more advanced and many talents will develop.
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